CFV II 50c + 907X

Le nouveau CFV II 50c est un dos numérique moyen format compatible avec la plupart des appareils photo système V fabriqués à partir de 1957

Le 907X permet d’utiliser les objectifs X, ainsi que les objectifs H, V et XPAN au moyen d’adaptateurs, avec le dos numérique CFV II 50c. Grâce au 907X le CFV II 50c devient un boîtier numérique modulaire et compact.

Capteur 50 millions de pixels
Batterie X1D intégrée au dos
Rechargeable via USBC
Ecran inclinable
Large gamme d’adaptateurs pour objectifs tiers

Poignée et viseur optique externes pour le 907X

Sortie prévue 2020.

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CFV II 50c + 907X

The CFV II 50C digital back can be paired with most Hasselblad V System cameras made from 1957 and onwards in addition to technical cameras, making it easy to combine analog and digital shooting.

All HC/HCD, V System, and XPan Lenses can also be used when coupled with the XH Adapter, XV Adapter, and XPan Lens Adapter, respectively.

  • Large 50MP medium format CMOS sensor
  • Dynamic range up to 14 stops
  • Hasselblad 3FR 16bit RAW, Full size JPEG.
  • Can be used with most Hasselblad V System cameras made from 1957
  • Can be used with third party technical or view cameras with a Hasselblad V interface.
  • Tiltable 3.0-inch TFT type, 24 bit colour, 920 K pixels. Touch functionality: Full support.
  • Liveview on camera and host computer, 60 frames/s
  • Focus Peaking or Auto Zoom (50% or 100%) available in manual focus with older V cameras.
  • Touch interface including swipe, scroll and pinch/spread to zoom.
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.27 VDC/3400 mAh). Can be charged in camera via USB or external charger.
  • Dual UHS-II SD cards
  • USB 3.0 Type-C and Wi-Fi connection
  • Portable workflow with Phocus Mobile 2
  • Grip and optical viewfinder for the 907X.

    Available in 2020

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