Air Remote TTL Canon / Nikon / Sony / Olympus / Fuji

ref: 901039 / 901040

329,17 H.T.

Attach to your camera’s hot shoe to wirelessly connect camera and AirTTL light into one.
Shoot in TTL Mode for fully automatic point-and-shoot shots.
Shoot in HSS Mode to shape light in broad daylight.
Switch from TTL Mode to Manual Mode with the automated TTL settings intact – a huge time saver.
Sync and manually control any Profoto light that is compatible with Air.
Intuitive and easy to use user interface.
Long operating range of up to 300 m (1,000 ft).
8 digital channels.
Controls up to 3 groups of lights on each channel.
USB port for firmware upgrades.
Approved for worldwide use.

UGS : 901039 / 901040